Maintenance and service

In addition to our first-class products, we offer a first-class maintenance and repair service which is done by our experienced in-house employees. We check your pump on a regular basis preventively, thus ensuring a longer life, lower arising operational costs and an increasing operational safety. Let us take care of your LEWA product!


Regular service is a guarantee for long-lasting pumps

To ensure this, we offer – among other options – service contracts tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. The overhauling of your pump at LEWA or on-site always will consider the ideal cost-performance ratio. We carry out maintenance with highest accuracy following the quality guidelines for new pumps. A very careful diagnostic inspection is followed by a binding proposal to assure optimum transparency of the costs.


If you want to send a pump for maintenance and service work to LEWA, proceed as follows:

  • Please contact our Inhouse-Repair Coordinator. The contact information can be found on the Service / Maintenance & Maintenance website
  • Complete the decontamination declaration (see below) and attach it to the delivery note


Long lifetime

LEWA SmartGlasses - Augmented Reality for maintenance

The LEWA SmartGlasses allow you to get in touch with a LEWA expert in a matter of minutes so that you can work together to come up with an initial diagnosis in case of a fault. This enables you to correct minor faults on your own with expert assistance. You benefit by minimizing downtimes and cutting down on preventable on-site services. What this ultimately means for you is more revenue and fewer costs. 

This concept was presented live at the ACHEMA 2018. Numerous exhibition visitors tested the data glasses themselves at our booth and were able to convince themselves of the manifold possibilities of the augmented reality solution.

Augmented Reality for maintenance: LEWA SmartGlasses


LEWA Valve Check (EN)

Check form for pressure relief valves
36 KB | pdf | 04.11.2020


LEWA SmartGlasses (DE)

Datenbrille für Diagnose, Wartungs- und Reparaturarbeiten.
299 KB | pdf | 22.02.2019


LEWA SmartGlasses (EN)

Data glasses for diagnostics, maintenance and repair work.
297 KB | pdf | 22.02.2019


LEWA Lifetime Services (DE)

Individueller Service für jede Pumpe.
2 MB | pdf | 22.02.2019


LEWA Lifetime Services (EN)

Customized service for every pump.
2 MB | pdf | 22.02.2019


Dekontaminationserklärung (DE)

Wichtiges Dokument zum Versand Ihrer Pumpe an LEWA.
193 KB | pdf | 07.03.2019


Declaration of Decontamination (EN)

Import document to be aligned with the shipment of a pump to LEWA.
190 KB | pdf | 07.03.2019


LEWA Valve Check

LEWA Valve Check HKV/DBV-Service
35 KB | pdf | 03.09.2020


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