Bottling of liquid fertilizers with Pomac centrifugal pumps

Pumps used for the transport of liquid fertilizers have to fulfill several requirements: They should be manufactured of high-level and stainless materials and feature optimal hydraulic conditions for fluids with low viscosity. Furthermore, a long service life and easy maintenance is required.

Pomac centrifugal pumps of type CPC, which LEWA offer as a partner of the Dutch manufacturer, are optimal solutions for these applications. The special CPC KAM design reliably prevents rust and scale at the components. The pumps are dry-run safe and easy to maintain and repair because of their modular construction.


Advantages of Pomac centrifugal pumps, type CPC:

  • Conveying of fertilizers from the mixing unit to the bottling unit under optimal hydraulic conditions for fluids with low viscosity
  • Dry-run safe because of the flushed double shaft seal out of silicon carbide according to DIN 24960
  • Long service life of the centrifugal pumps
  • Protection against corrosion with high-level 1.4404 stainless steel (316L)
  • Modular construction of the pump: easy maintenance and repair
  • Removable seals
  • Construction according to criteria of the EHEDG
  • Roughness of wetted parts < 0.8 μm
  • Open impellers with pressure relief bore holes, which reduce the axial pressure and enable optimal cleaning
  • Resistant to bigger variations of temperature (CIP/SIP)
  • Numerous possibilities for shaft sealing
  • Wide selection of connections


Production and use of liquid mineral fertilizer

Already since 3100 BC, organic fertilizer is used: animal feces and other agricultural waste are applied to the fields. Today, this type of fertilization often is no longer sufficient to compensate the removal of nutrients from the ground which is caused by harvesting. By use of mineral fertilizers, the need of nutrients of the plants can be covered completely.

In mineral fertilizers, usually the active ingredients are contained in form of salts. When nitrogen, phosphate and potassium are included, it is called “complete fertilizer”. Aside from these essential nutrients, often magnesium, calcium and sulphur are admixed to some mineral fertilizers.

In the production of the fertilizer, the Pomac centrifugal pumps are applied only after the mixture of the different ingredients: They convey the mixture to the filling station, where the fertilizer finally gets into its bottles. Pomac centrifugal pumps of type CPC are perfectly suited for this task because of their optimal hydraulic conditions for fluids with low viscosity.


Bombas y soluciones de dosificación para la industria química

Cuando en procesos de alta presión deben transportarse o dosificarse fiablemente suspensiones y fluidos críticos, peligrosos para el medio ambiente, tóxicos o inflamables, no hay alternativas frente a las bombas dosificadoras, bombas de membrana de proceso y sistemas de dosificación sellados herméticamente de LEWA. Las bombas selladas herméticamente de LEWA con presiones de hasta 1200 bar son la mejor opción para la fabricación de productos químicos intermedios y finales. ¡Póngase en contacto con nuestros expertos y permítanos asesorarle acerca de soluciones individualizadas con bombas o sistemas para aplicaciones químicas!

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