Wilden air-operated pump

Wilden standard compressed air diaphragm pump

As the inventor of the compressed air-operated double-diaphragm pump, Wilden Pump & Engineering Co. introduced the first pump of this design in 1955.

No other manufacturer of compressed-air diaphragm pumps can draw from so many years of experience. Development of this technology has continued. Today, Wilden has a comprehensive product line. The right solution is always available for general applications as well as for customized requirements.

  • Flow rate max. 70.4 m³/h
  • Discharge pressure max. 8.6 bar


Technology: Compressed air operated double-diaphragm displacement pump


  • Wilden standard compressed air diaphragm pumps are particularly ideal
    for challenging applications involving solvents, acids, pickling fluids or high viscosities
  • Flow rate and pressure variable
  • For shear-sensitive conveyed goods
  • Metering larger solids
  • Self-priming
  • Dry run safe
  • Infinitely variable control via air volume or pressure
  • Can work against closed slide valve
  • Transportable & immersible
  • Operation and service friendly
  • Temperature limits depending on material from –51°C to 176°C
  • Certificates CE, ATEX, FDA, USDA, 3A, EHEDG  (depending on pump type)


Control systems

Pro-Flo™ technology

The Pro-Flo™ patented air control system has only three moving parts: The asymmetric control piston, the pilot valve and the piston rod/diaphragm unit.

The small surface of the control piston is continually supplied with compressed air, while the larger surface is ventilated or bled via the pilot valve. 
An air control system with maximum reliability.

Pro Flo X

The Pro-Flo X air control system is a further development of the proven Pro-Flo and Pro Flo V controls.

With the new type of effectiveness management system (EMS), the Pro-Flo X offers a flexibility that was previously unknown with compressed air diaphragm pumps.

The patented EMS is simple and easy to operate. By turning the EMS adjustment wheel, the metered quantity and air consumption can be adjusted - to the maximum metered quantity or the highest efficiency to reduce production costs. Pro-Flo X delivers a higher energy efficiency and a flexibility comparable to the industry standard, at lower cost.


The Accu-FloTM air control system uses a 2/4-way solenoid valve with a spring-loaded piston. The control of the stroke frequency is done externally via an electrical pulse. The Accu-FloTM pump moves similarly to a conventional compressed air diaphragm pump through alternating presence or absence of a signal.


Stallion® design

  • Immersible compressed air diaphragm pump for solids containing sludge
  • Pumps can be used without suction line in swampy holes
  • Long service life design for rough applications
  • Solid materials up to 25 mm can be conveyed
  • Compressed air driven, no electricity
  • Carrying handles enable simple transport

BrahmaTM Design

  • Flap valve pump for especially heavy conditions of use
  • 51 respectively 76 mm passage for reliable conveyance of solids containing sludge
  • Long service life, durable design

High pressure design

  • High pressure diaphragm pumps for conveying viscous industrial sludge
  • Filter press charging or general industrial applications
  • Double-acting Duplex technology with 1:3 ratio of drive/pumping pressure
  • No cost-intensive external booster needed to achieve high pumping pressure

Additional options

  • Diverse connection geometries
  • Various housing materials: Cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, Hastelloy C, polypropylene, PVDF
  • The Wilden muscle: the diaphragms
    • NBR, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton®, polyurethane, Wil-Flex™, Saniflex™, PTFE
  • Membranes in Ultra-Flex design 
    • Wilden developed Ultra-Flex™ technology with the goal of making Wilden diaphragms the longest- lasting diaphragms on the market. The Ultra-Flex™ technology includes many design ideas which reduce the bending load. The key to a longer diaphragm service life.
  • Sanitary & hygienic design available
  • CIP and SIP capability
  • Accessories
    • Pulsation damper, diaphragm monitoring, stroke counter, operational monitoring, filter control, solenoid valves, barrel pump set Saniflex™, PTFE

Technical data

Performance overview

Pump type Max. flow rate [l/min] Max. discharge pressure [bar]
  1/4 1/2 1 1 1/2" 2 3 4  
Original 18 56 140 348 587 - - 8.6
Plastic Advanced TM 16.7 57 220 454 624 784 - 8.6
Metal original 19 62 - 327 685 918 1,211 8.6
Metal Advanced TM - - 212 424 685 1,030 - 8.6

High-pressure version available.


Oil & Gas

You can rely on 60 years of experience in the construction of pumps, packages, skids, and systems for onshore and offshore oil and gas production. Take a look at the information now!

Gas Odorization

LEWA gas odorization systems: Custom units or tried-and-tested systems! We supply exactly what you need!


We have been supplying pumps and systems for distillation plants for processing crude oil for 60 years. Ask our experts for more information!


LEWA provides durable pumps and metering systems for various processes in the petrochemical industry. Ask our experts for more information!


LEWA supplies you with individual chemical pumps and customized system solutions for various areas of application in the chemical industry.

Plastics processing

LEWA supports you in plastics processing with custom-built plants and systems. Ask our experts for more information!

Cleaners & Detergents

We offer reliable, formula-controlled systems for the production of cleaners and detergents. Ask the LEWA experts for more information now!

Personal care

LEWA is your reliable partner in the production of personal care products. Our systems meet the strictest quality and hygiene requirements. Ask us for more information!

Pharma, Life Science & Biotech

LEWA supplies pumps and systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries that comply with all hygienic requirements. We're happy to help you!

Food & Beverage

Use LEWA pumps and system solutions for your homogenization processes in the food and beverage industry. Ask our experts for more information!

Energy Utilities

We supply pumps and systems for power plants and power suppliers. Find out more about LEWA system solutions for the energy utility industry.

Other Industries

As specialists in fluid handling, we of course also have experience in many other industries. Simply contact our consultants to find out more!


Wilden standard compressed air diaphragm pumps are particularly ideal for challenging applications involving solvents, acids, pickling fluids or high viscosities.


Production of melamines

Melamine production LEWA metering and process diaphragm pumps meet the specific demands for the production of melamine (trimerization of urea). Consult us!

Sulfuric acid injection in copper heap leaching

Sulfuric acid injection in copper heap leaching LEWA process pumps are used to reinject sulfuric acid at 98% into the main pipelines that go to the heap leach sprinklers.


Dispersing in various markets With the diaphragm metering pumps and streamlined suspension valves, LEWA offers the suitable solution for the metering of fluids with solid particles.

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