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LEWA has been your expert for metering pumps for six decades. LEWA diaphragm and piston pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps and offer the best metering accuracy available. For tasks involving pumping important fluids, they set benchmarks when it comes to safety, reliability and efficiency.

In order to always provide the best solution to our customers, for many years we've offered pump technology from well-known manufacturers that complements our own portfolio. Get in touch today: Industrial pumps and customer-specific applications are our strength – since 1952!

Metering pumps

Diaphragm and piston pumps

Our metering pumps (reciprocating positive displacement pumps) offer maximum metering accuracy and are the benchmark for safety, reliability and efficiency, especially when the conveyance of critical fluids is at stake. Within our selection, we offer both diaphragm and piston pumps.

Process pumps

High performance, high pressure, high reliability

The LEWA triplex, LEWA ecoflow and LEWA plunger pumps are the industry benchmark for reliable, durable and energy-efficient pumps in high-pressure process technology. All components are designed and optimized for the appropriate application.

Centrifugal pumps

Are you looking for efficient, cost-effective transportation for large amounts of fluid?

If so, centrifugal pumps or rotary pumps could be the right choice for you. LEWA distributes centrifugal pumps from various manufacturers and for many different applications – the lowest temperatures (–162 °C), highest viscosities and abrasive fluids are routine for us.

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