High purity systems from LEWA for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

Exact metering, ability to be sterilized and above all precision and repeatability are central in the process criteria in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries. Pumps operate reproducible even at high pressure, and offer an economical solution for homogenization processes

LEWA high purity systems with integrated process pumps are designed for hygienic processes in high pressure areas. LEWA triplex process pumps are characterized by their durability and low maintenance costs.

LEWAs expertise for homogenization with high purity systems

Advantages of LEWA high‐purity systems, which are developed according to customers’ requirements for demanding applications in the biotechnical and pharmaceutical industry:

  • LEWA triplex process pumps with hygienic diaphragm pump head M900 are approved solutions to realize discontinuous (batch mode), semi‐continuous or continuous homogenization processes aseptically.
  • CIP/SIP capable process diaphragm pumps for metering challenging sterile products (e.g. functional food, nutraceuticals, parenteral nutrition and pharma products)
  • Metallically sealed ball valves
  • Wetted parts in stainless steal
  • System complies with all regulatory standards (cGMP, GAMP, 21 CFR etc.)
  • Solutions for high pressure ranges: Pressures up to 1,200 bar which are needed to realize cleanroom productions down to the nanometer range (e.g. liposomes, nanoparticles, micronizates, intravenous emulsions, vaccines etc.)
  • Hygienically designed interfaces to connected piping and other components are also suited for high pressure ranges.
  • Easy cleaning according to approved industry standards (QHD, FDA‐ and USP Class VI)


What happens at homogenizing processes?

By homogenizing, different fluids, which are normally not soluble in each other, are dissolved to a homogeneous, single phase solution. To succeed in this process, the droplet size in the fluid has to be minimized to a small and constant diameter. This happens by using high pressure on the liquids. The substance passes through a high pressure pump, is compressed, and afterwards stress‐relieved by a homogenizing valve. In this way, solutions with the desired properties are formed.

For the pharma and biotech industry, homogenization is very important, because even the smallest quantities of a medication have to contain the same amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. By homogenizing a fluid, an absolute consistent blending can be achieved.


Pharma, Life Science & Biotech

LEWA supplies pumps and systems for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries that comply with all hygienic requirements. We're happy to help you!

Food & Beverage

Use LEWA pumps and system solutions for your homogenization processes in the food and beverage industry. Ask our experts for more information!


LEWA ecoflow® diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pump all around talent The ecoflow® diaphragm metering pump from LEWA is a true all-around talent in the field of metering and mixing and can be used in all industries.

LEWA ecoflow® sanitary/hygienic diaphragm metering pump

ecoflow sanitary hygienic pump The ecoflow® diaphragm dosing pump in sanitary / hygienic version is the ideal pump for food and pharmaceutical production.

LEWA ecoflow ® packed plunger metering pump

LEWA ecoflow packed plunger pump The LEWA ecoflow® packed plunger metering pump is the high-performance and economical metering pump for simple pumping or metering tasks.

LEWA ecodos® sanitary/hygienic diaphragm metering pump

LEWA ecodos sanitary/hygienic diaphragm metering pump The LEWA ecodos® diaphragm metering pump with its sanitary/hygienic design is the ideal pump for food and pharmaceutical products in the low-pressure range.

LEWA ecoflow® process pumps for high-pressure applications

LEWA ecoflow process pump The LEWA ecoflow process diaphragm pump is the top performer among innovative and universal process pumps for high-pressure process technology.

LEWA triplex® process pumps for high-pressure processes

LEWA triplex process pump LEWA triplex is the most compact process pump in the world for high-pressure processes in all branches of industry. Contact us, we are happy to help!

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